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Anything wrong with having multiple partners?


Sadhguru, my next question for you is, why can’t one husband be with multiple women? And one woman, or a wife, can be with multiple husbands in today’s society among consenting adults. And what impact do these people have when they’re involved in such relationships? See, this is a certain framework of, not just of bone and muscle and flesh, there is a certain energy framework. Only because of that it takes in a certain form. See, if you eat mangoes everyday, and let’s say a cow eats mangoes everyday. At some point, will you or the cow get confused whether you’re a cow or a human being? Or will the cow get confused? Such a thing never happens because there is a clear-cut inner framework, to which flesh and blood is added. But there is a framework, an evolutionary memory framework is there. It never gets broken, isn’t it? So in this framework, how strong you keep this framework, how much integrity is there to this energy framework will determine many things about your life. Many aspects of your life. Especially if you want to raise this life to another level of function, it’s very important you maintain this integrity. This is why, irrespective of which religion, which spiritual process, if people want to raise themselves to a certain point, first thing they will talk about is becoming monks or brahmacharis or sanyasis. Because the idea is to create such a level of integrity that this is a whole life by itself. That is doesn’t lean on anything else for support. Either for physical wellbeing, or emotion wellbeing, or psychological companionship, it doesn’t lean on anything. It stands by itself because you want to take it somewhere else. If you want normal function, these things are not necessary. Now you want to become a rocket which breaks through a certain dimension of space, now you need to be in a different level of force and integrity otherwise it’ll crack up. So you don’t want to open your body to anything. And especially opening to multiple partners has its own negativity in that context. How much pain. You look at Draupadi’s life, how much volatility, how much pain, how much suffering she went through in her life. And how much pain and suffering she caused because of her anger and jealousy and whatever else. So these things happen for variety of reasons, you can’t blame everything on that aspect. But that aspect also has a say in these aspects because you’re opening up your memory body, your energetic body which is essentially ruled by memory, to variety of memories. This will cause a whole lot of turmoil within the system which could affect that life and many other lives. So Draupadi’s life is in a way a sample for that. See, body is the front-end for every other creature on this planet. The only reason this creature is dominating this planet is not because we have the best body. You’re not comparable to an elephant, or a tiger, or anything for that matter. You’re not even as good as a buffalo. Yes. In terms of strength and physical prowess, you’re nowehre comparable. This is dominant because of its intelligence, this is dominant because of its consciousness. But right now, we’re creating a world where your biology is the front-end of your life.


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