Duration: 3:11 min

Are you suffering your past? Is your memory and imagination out of control?


The difference between you and an earthworm, which is right here, beneath you right now, is just that you can remember almost your entire life. And using that information, you can project and create what you consider as future. What you and almost every human being is suffering is, what is causing pain to them, what is their misery, what is their suffering is just this. These two fundamental faculties, which set you apart from every other creature, these two faculties are of memory and imagination. So when you say something from the past comes and grabs me and I suffer, past is not suffering. You cannot suffer the past because it does not exist. Nobody can suffer that which does not exist. What you’re suffering is your faculty of memory. What happened 10 years ago, you can suffer. What may happen day after tomorrow, you can already suffer. This does not mean that you’re suffering a yesterday or a tomorrow, that’s out of question. What you’re suffering is your memory and your imagination. If we take away half your brain, I think you’ll do quite fine. What you’re asking for is an evolutionary downgrade. If I made you at least a monkey, if not an earthworm, you would be quite happy. Today you got the mango. Yesterday what happened, you’re not bothered. So essentially, you are asking for an evolutionary downgrade. Tell me how much we need to turn you back, accordingly that much of your brain will have remote. We have doctors in the ashram, you know. If we downgrade you in an evolutionary scale, you can’t remember what happened yesterday. You have no bother about tomorrow because you can’t imagine what is tomorrow. Maybe you will be quite peaceful and happy. But what’s the point? You have definitely removed a problem, but you have removed all possibilities. That’s a crime.

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