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Boost your immunity | Do this once every three days


Most people develop relationship with the soil only after they die. But it’s very important to develop relationship with the soil when you’re alive. I would say especially now, with this virus around, believe me, those of you who are in some way in contact with the soil. Here we call this prithvi prema seva, that means getting involved with the soil in a very loving manner. Well, your ability to live, your ability to resist these kind of invasions upon your life will be greatly, greatly enhanced. It’s not just enough if you live. It’s important that you live strong. Living strong does not mean you grow big muscles and dominate somebody, living strong means, here life happens big. For this, you need a body which treats the entire planet as its extension, which it is. So it’s very important that you bring this, all of you who are here at the Isha Yoga Center, we will set up some processes for you so that every one of you, at least once in three days, your hands and feet are in the soil. Very important. And wherever, wherever else you are if you have a small patch of a garden, or you can volunteer that you will work in somebody else’s garden. Believe me, yes, they will get free labour but don’t think they are getting more. You’re getting much more because you being connected with the soil will make a phenomenal difference for the way your physical body functions. Put your hands into the soil, very important. Otherwise, those of you who are too well to do but don’t want to be seen doing any work because it may create a wrong image for your affluence, you can have a mud bath.


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