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Can I be on a spiritual path while living in the society?


So we are always weaving philosophies as to how to cripple ourselves. Because a whole lot of people understand. They think spirituality is a certain kind of disability. Yes? Because if you say I’m spiritual, the first thing they’ll ask you is what are all the things you don’t do? Or cannot do? Spiritual process, if it’s a disability, we must banish it isn’t it? If spiritual process is a disability, we must ban it in this country or no? If it’s an empowerment, then everybody must have it. If it’s a disability, we must get rid of it. But unfortunately, it’s been seen as a disability for a long time. To such an extent, all kinds of things. You know a few months ago, I was in Chennai. There was an important event and traffic in every city in India is becoming undrivable, you can’t plan in how many minutes or hours you can reach from one place to another. There’s no sense to it. It can go anyway. You may land up there in 15 minutes or you may take two hours. So I find I’m running out of time, I’m stuck in the road. Then I’ll do some forceful driving. It’s the way to drive in this country, okay? Forcefully. And this is in some hotel so I have somebody clear the security gate of the hotel and I drive in nearly 80-100 kilometers per hour into the portigo, stop and I get out of the car and I run in because I have a reputation that in the last 35 years, I have not been late to a single event in my life. So I don’t want to break it today so I run in. Then after the event, this journalist comes and says, I saw you coming into the hotel, how you came. In ancient times yogis used to walk. You drive your own car. And I said, you idiot, in ancient times everybody was walking. Not just the yogi. Everyone was walking. You think others were driving cars? Everybody was walking, yogi also was walking. So we have these ideas that if you’re spiritual, you must be incapable of living in this world. You must just talk about that la la land that you have not seen. Spirituality or spiritual process is the highest level of empowerment that a human being can have.

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