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Can I have two Gurus?


This question is from Richa. Can a disciple have two masters? In case one is initiated by two spiritual masters, is it advised to stick to one way and one master? Or practice what is taught by both of them? If I follow one master, then does it mean that I am being disrespectful to the other one, who chose to initiate me on the path? Well, being with a guru or a spiritual master is not a question of loyalty. But it’s a question of integrity. What is the difference between loyalty and integrity? Loyalty is coming from certain emotions that you have. Integrity means that you are dedicated to the purpose for which you are there. Any place. You are in some place, what is the purpose of that place? You are absolutely dedicated to that, you will not do something else there. Loyalty is a different thing. Loyalty is not needed in this affair. So, whoever you are, if you are here and you’ve gone somewhere and you’re struggling, please don’t struggle, just dump me. And wherever you are, just do that. Because the very fact you’ve gone somewhere is in some way, for whatever reason, it did not work here. So you go on somewhere. At least there you do well, as long as you grow. What’s my problem? Or if you were somewhere and now you’re here and you’re struggling here, dump the nonsense that you carried from elsewhere and do what you require to do here. Because this is like, you know, coconut gardens and mango gardens. You don’t go into a coconut grove, take one of these trees and plant it on top of the mountain. It won’t last for a month. That’s not where it works. It can only work here. Nor will you take a mango tree and plant it in a desert. Not going to work. So the very fact you move from one place to other, either by your own choice, or some other compulsion, or maybe that master is dead, or I’m dead, when it happens. Well once you find the need to go somewhere, give yourself absolutely there, wherever that is. Because you can’t be in this place and dig in that place, it doesn’t work like that. Does it mean you’re disrespectful to somebody? No.


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