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Can one realize without Yoga

A seeker asks – “You have mentioned that Yoga accentuates your perceptions and through Yoga you reach the creator. Does that mean, those who do not learn or practice yoga cannot reach the creator? Is that so?” IN a short insightful response, Sadhguru tells us the meaning of the word ‘yoga’, and also introduces the four paths of yoga.

Question: Sir you have mentioned that yoga accentuates your perceptions. And through yoga you reach the creator. That means those who do not learn or practice yoga, cannot reach the creator. Is that so?


Sadhguru: No. Because there is nobody who is not practicing yoga. Everybody’s practicing yoga, haphazardly. When we say the word, when we use the word yoga, we are not talking about a particular practice. There is nothing in the existence which is not yoga. The word yoga means, everything has become one. The word yoga means union. So, it’s a grand unification of the existence. When we say yoga, we are talking about a level of perception where you have seen everything as one. So, you are sitting here, this is a kind of yoga. Just being able to sit in one place is a kind of yoga, and that’s what most of the yogis did, isn’t it? Just sit in one place. You’re breathing, this is another kind of yoga. But are you doing yoga systematically, or are you doing it haphazardly, that’s only a question. But you’re doing some yoga, isn’t it? Your heart is beating, it is a kind of yoga. But is it happening in the best possible way, that’s the only question, isn’t it? So, if i do not do yoga, can I.. does it mean to say I have no possibility? No, because yoga does not mean twisting your body, or tying yourself up into knots, or holding your breath, or something like this. See, what you call as myself right now is only four fundamental realities, your body, your mind, your emotion, and the energies which make these things happen. So, for these four fundamental aspects we have four basic yogas. This is known as ‘Gnana yoga’, ‘Bhakto Yoga’, ‘Karma Yoga’ & ‘Kriya Yoga. Gnana means yoga of intelligence. Bhakti means yoga of emotion or devotion. Karma means yoga of action. Kriya means yoga of transforming your energies. Is there anybody here who is not doing these yogas? All of you are doing it. To what extent is the only question, isn’t it? So, now we are talking about approaching these four activities, which you are anyway performing, with better understanding, in a more systematic way. So that it yields the necessary result. So, can there be realization without yoga? No.

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