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Can thoughts alter reality? Is mentalism possible?


Can human mind do things outside? Of course. Of course it can. Today if I utter this word, I’m sure there’s a whole lot of misunderstanding because this comes from elsewhere. This is what tantra means. Tantra does not mean unbridled promiscuity as Americans have projected it. Tantra means technology. Technology means when, those times when we did not have any external instruments of technology, we realized the highest grade of technology is here. And to exercise this in many different ways. Now if we want to see outside the door, we need a periscope. Now somebody found a way to look beyond without a periscope. Using your mind beyond the realm of your body. Right now mind is functioning within the realm of your body. You want to use it there. It is possible to do that, it’s not not possible. It’s just that all kinds of wild and absurd things are believed. If you trim those things, in many ways, knowingly or unknowingly, many of you are using this. You create what you want in the world when you really want it. In a way it’s simply your focus which makes those things happen. Maybe it is not as tangible as it’s in a cinema but every one of you, to some extent you’re doing, isn’t it? How effectively do you do it depends on, there are many things. If I say things that happen around me, they’re too fairy tailish. I wouldn’t believe such nonsense if anybody told me, so I won’t tell you because I don’t want you to believe or disbelieve those things. But every day people around me witness things which they think is nothing short of a miracle, but there’s no miracle. See if you use any thought. This is, well he was asking how do we do it in the beginning. Suppose you generate a thought. Have you noticed this? Suppose you generate a thought and then you invest your emotion in this thought, suddenly the thought becomes boom. Yes or no? Right now I generate a thought, oh she’s such a wonderful person. But now I invest my emotion into the thought. Now suddenly you are not just another person to me you are something else to me. Is it reality or no? Just because you invested your emotion into your thought, now there is a next thing. If you invest your life energies into it consciously, suddenly this will become something else altogether. Suddenly you become like, life is a play.

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