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Can wearing Gemstones change my life


Do other things have influence on us, particularly inanimate objects? The gems and the diamonds and things like that, and also the planets. See, the nature of the planet has a certain influence on the life upon it. You will see, on full moon days and new moon days, many animals behave in certain specific ways simply because they are influenced by it. You know the whole ocean is rising. When ocean, which is millions and millions of tons of water is able to rise, when 72% of your body is water, you think it won’t rise at all? It does. So I don’t know if you’re conscious of it, but in India most people are, not only in India, anywhere wherever there are mental asylums and things, they are conscious of it. On full moon days and new moon days people get exaggerated levels of disturbance in their minds. So people think new moon and full moon will cause madness. No, that’s not the truth. If you’re very loving, full moon day you will become more loving. If you’re very joyful, on a full moon day you will become more joyful. If you’re a little crazy, you’ll get little more crazy. Whatever is your quality, gets little hyped on that day. So those who are romantic, they want full moon day. Those who want to meditate, they want full moon day. Those who are a little mad, they don’t want full moon day. Essentially, it’s hyping things up a little bit. Of course, today there is another kind of textbook science which is going on, which doesn’t absorb anything except what happens in the laboratory. These people are going on saying, this is all rubbish, this, that. Now if you pay attention to your own body, you will know, without looking up, without looking at the calendar, you will know when is full moon day, when is new moon day by yourself. Simply if you pay sufficient attention to your own system because it’s visible in your system, certain behavior is there. But with the human being the problem is, or people seeing it a problem, any possibility, if you do not explore that possibility, in your eyes it looks like a problem. What is a problem is always a possibility, isn’t it? You don’t like it? What is a possibility, if you do not explore it, if you do not realize what is the possibility, it seems like a problem to you. So do inanimate things have impact on you? Yes, if you allow it. Because this is the human predicament that, who you are is not determined by nature, it is left open for you. Left open for you means you are the only creature on this planet who’s been given the freedom to shape your own life.


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