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Confusion – sign of intelligence or stupidity?

Contrary to common belief, in this talk, Sadhguru tells us that how being confused is actually a sign of intelligence. In fact, Sadhguru says, it’s only fanatics who are always dead sure!

Confused mind – possible. Mind can only be confused. If somebody has a clear mind, he must be a fanatic. You understand? The nature of the mind is confusion. That’s it’s beauty. It is always confused, because it can’t figure anything. But, it can gather everything and mull over it endlessly. This is the nature of your logical mind. Mind is always going to be confused, unless you are a single track idiot, or you are a fanatic. Otherwise mind will be confused. Confused mind is good. If you know how to organize your confusion, if you know how to handle your confusion, if you know how to increase the enormity of your confusion consciously, if you can handle your confusion consciously – mind is a very productive instrument. If you are looking for a mind which is not confused, you can go for a brain surgery. You can remove half of it, there will be no confusion. Clear! The more intelligent you are, the more will wonder, the more you will be confused about everything. The more profoundly you look at life, the more confused you will be. And, it’s good. Only somebody who doesn’t look at anything, who has got a parallel vision – he is dead sure about everything. You must either be an idiot or fanatic to that, and there is not much different between the two. So now, your mind is confused, that is the nature of the mind. You have to learn to use the confusion to your benefit. If your mind is not confused, that means it’s not constantly receiving. It’s a blocked up mind. Your mind has become a concrete block, which is dead sure about everything. Otherwise, constantly if you are perceiving, more and more information, it is always confused because it is always receiving much more than it can every process. So much information. Everything that you see, if you see little more carefully, right in this room you can see so many things that you never thought possible in your life – you understand? If you observe, just one thing, it will happen like this. It is just that, people are seeing like this, and they don’t see anything. If they pay enough attention to any one thing, you will see, a simple ant can keep your focus for on for the rest of your life. It has so much in it. So, everything around you, if you pay enough attention, there is so much information – no way can any mind can ever process it. Only an un-attentive mind thinks it knows everything. An attentive mind is always wondering and confused about every little thing in the universe. And, that’s the way it should be. You should not suffer your confusion. You must understand that if you are constantly confused that means you have a functioning intelligence. Yes!

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