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Did you know – We are all time travellers!


Q: From yogi’s of ancient times to popular movies like interstellar, there have been stories and some seemingly real instances about time travel. Is time travel really possible? If yes, how can I make myself capable of time travel?

Sadhguru: See, these things have been misunderstood very badly because science and mysticism is coming to you from hollywood movies unfortunately. In this culture we’ve had people whom we refer to as Trikala Gnanis. There are three dimensions of experience in your life. There is something called as past, which is a bank of memory within you. There is something called as present, which is a living experience right now. There is something called as future, which is the power of our imagination. So your life experience is happening between memory, present experience and imagination. The problem with most people is, these three things are not clearly distinguished in most human beings. This is why something that happened 10 years ago you can still suffer, isn’t it? Something that may happen day after tomorrow, you already suffer. What happened 10 years ago, or even 10 days ago, does it exist right now? Does it exist right now? What may happen day after tomorrow, does it exist right now? So if you suffer something that does not exist, should we call you sane or insane? It’s a question, don’t clap. It’s a disgrace. If you’re suffering something that does not exist, is it sanity or insanity? How many people, that you know including yourself, are insane like this? They suffer things which don’t exist. Nearly 99.99% isn’t it? Happening all the time? So these are all idiots who are doing time travel.

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