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Did you know – Your mind records everything – even in sleep


See, you may be sleeping. There are many experiments like this, I won’t go into the detail. Even when you’re sleeping, you’re fast asleep you don’t know. I will speak in a language that you do not know, one or ten sentences. Actually we can hypnotize you. After many months or years, we can make you say those sentences in a language that you do not know. You perceive it at a time when you are fast asleep, it is possible to do that. So I am saying if you walk from this place to that place, there may be 25 different kinds of smells. You may not notice it consciously, only if it’s very acute either it is very bad or very good, you may notice it. Otherwise you don’t notice it. But, in the sensory system all that is recorded. So without knowing why, without actually mentally or intellectually articulating it, you just don’t like to go to certain places. Maybe it’s the smell, maybe it’s the vision, maybe it’s the sounds, maybe it’s just the energy there. Whatever it is, your four dimensions of karma – physical, mental, emotional, and energetic karma – is always building an elaborate and spectacular web for you. This web is not to trap you. This web is to make life automatic. So that many things you don’t have to think, just like that you can do it because it’s in your karmic memory. But unfortunately, because people are getting so identified with many things that they do and they start choosing what is good and what is bad. The moment you say this is good, you will develop certain affinity for it. The moment you say this is bad, you will develop certain aversion for it. Both in affinity and aversion, you will get stuck. Now you built an elaborate web but you got stuck in your own web, this is the fate of karma for most people. Karma is the most dynamic way to exist. It simply, literally means you are the maker of your life. For you to be the maker of your life, without your neurological system functioning to your commands, you will never be the maker of your life. You will always be an accidental life. So if you move away from being an accidental life, the people who are experiencing unnecessary levels of anxiety and fear and things on a daily basis. A whole lot of medical professionals are going about saying, these are normal things, you’re anxious it’s normal. Even I am also anxious. This is not the way to make a human being. A human being is capable of being above this. We are considered as human beings. We did not use the word being for any other creature. We don’t call an elephant an elephant being, a tiger a tiger being, an ant an ant being or something like this. We only called humans as beings because you are capable of being. That means, you are capable of conscious existence. That means you are capable of using every faculty that you have the way you want, not in reaction to what happens around you, but by conscious response.


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