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Did you notice this today?


Today morning sun came up on time. Hello? Now you’re looking, okay so what? You’re not understanding what I’m saying.You know this happened a little while ago. I was in the United States and we were to fly a helicopter. It was a nice day, weather-wise. So we decided to take off the doors of the helicopter and fly an open helicopter because the weather was good. Every aviator knows that for every thousand kilometers, I mean thousand meters that you rise, what is the temperature drop and what are the situations to expect. This is something that everybody knows. So based on that we took off. But after some time we hit a cold front. A cloud cover came and it became very, very cold. So cold that you couldn’t really hold the controls properly. So we decided we’ll come down. We were coming down, and just a casual discussion, okay tomorrow if sun doesn’t come up, what will happen? So we’re making a guess, maybe in six months this will happen, in three months that will happen, these kind of wild guesses. After I came down, I did a bit of research. And I found, if the sun disappears right now, in 18 hours time almost everything that you know as life will be gone. Except a few microbial life which is deep down in the earth, except that, almost everything that you know as life, human, animal, plant life will be totally gone. In 18 hours time. So I just now gave you a very great news but you just ignored and just stared at me. I said sun came up on time, you thought, okay what about it? I’m telling you again, sun came up on time. I want to hear appropriate noises. See. And planets are going around the sun perfectly well today. Planet is spinning on time. Everything in the universe is going perfectly well today. Entire cosmos, not a single accident. But one nasty little thought is crawling in your head and it’s a bad day. Yes? Just one silly thought is going on in your head and it’s a bad day. Everything is perfect in the cosmos. So what this means is your psychological reality has become larger than the existential reality. What’s happening in your head has become bigger than the cosmos. This is a loss of perspective.

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