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Difference between Science & Spirituality

Science should be just a quest to know, not a tool for unbridled exploitation.

Science should be just a quest to know, not a tool for unbridled exploitation. The scientific approach to life essentially means – no assumptions made, no conclusions made – we are constantly searching for the truth about different aspects and dimensions of life. The same is true with the spiritual process – no assumptions, no conclusions, no belief system – seeking is the way. Once you refer to yourself as spiritual, you call yourself a seeker. A seeker essentially means one who has not made any conclusions about anything. A seeker means that he has realized that he does not know, and he is unwilling to make assumptions or conclusions, but willing to seek, willing to invest his life to know. The same is true with science and spiritual process. Unfortunately in these days people are beginning to understand science as a means to exploit everything in the universe. We have not left anything. We are always thinking of how to make use of everything for our well-being. Well we have learned to use everything, but we have not achieved well-being. So we need to understand this that science is an exploration. It is a way to know. It does not mean everything that you know or little bits and pieces that you learn you must immediately put to use. This is a very juvenile way of approaching life. What we should do, what we should not do, should be determined consciously. But unbridled exploration of science must happen. But unbridled exploitation must not happen.

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