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Do parents unduly worry about their children?


Actually many parents in India, they have tension about their child. About fees, one lakh, two lack, how shall I pay this? Then I’ll become a beggar. What shall I do? After that we think that how do they live happily because they have these many tensions about the child. How do they still have enjoyment in their life by having tention still for the kid? Some parents manage to forget about their children for some time. That gives them the respite. You are something. What’s your name? Sanjana I want you to observe. Not just your parents, just observe people around you. Just watch them carefully. If you observe people, you will see, today we are creating a world. Toddler means they have you know, the napkin problems. Adolescent means they have puberty problems. Middle age means it’s a crisis. Old age, terrible. Tell me one stage of life that people are enjoying. Those who are poor, suffering because they are poor. Those who are rich, they are suffering the taxes. Those who are not educated, they are suffering because they are not educated. Put them to school, enormous suffering. That’s what they’re saying, tension in the b-school. And those who are not married, they’re suffering. Get them married. See I did not say anything. They’re saying it. No children, they’re suffering. Give them children, constant suffering. Which you are saying. Tell me one damn thing that people are not suffering. So people are not stressed because they have children. They don’t have children, they’re continuously miserable. Children came, little bit spurts of joy, rest is only crying about it. So this is not because of children, this is not because of marriage, this is not because of b-school, this is not because of employment. This is simply because human beings have not figured how to handle themselves, that’s all. Wherever you put them, something. You give them what you want, make them the king they are miserable there also. Yes? Yes or no? People have become, risen into very high positions still miserable or no? So this is not because of any situation, definitely not because of a wonderful girl like you. So don’t blame yourself for anybody’s suffering. They’re like that, they’re practiced you know. Just. Many have become veterans in suffering.


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