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Do this before you sleep and you will wake up like you are just born


One thing is, before you go to bed, just sit on your bed, just for two minutes. Two minutes, just see. Suppose you’re going to die right now, in two minutes time, how it’ll be. And then sleep. You will see tomorrow when you wake up, you will wake up like you were just born. If you go to sleep with this awareness, you will wake up with a completely new dimension of energy within you. Suppose you wake up tomorrow. No, no, no, no, that’s not. See, you think it’s, you think it’s a joke. That’s a problem. Every day, nearly 300,000 people don’t wake up tomorrow. So in case you wake up tomorrow, check. Check and see if you’re still alive. If you are just do this much for your sake, not my sake. One big smile, you’re still alive. Hello? Is your life worth this much? See, do not think every day you will wake up. One day you will not wake up. Yes or no? Tomorrow morning you woke up,. Check if you’re still alive. If you’re dead, I will pardon you. If you’re alive, one big smile. Then if 300,000 people die on the planet, maybe three to five million people would have lost somebody who’s dear to them. So just check those four or five people who matter to you in your life. All of them still alive, one more smile. Hello? And you looked at the watch, it’s seven o’clock and you’re still alive. One more smile. Hello? From now on you must do this every time you look at the time. If you’re alive, you must smile because this is the greatest thing happening to you. Not your money, not your profession, not your family, you’re alive right now. This is the thing. Very brief, let’s make it happen.

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