Duration: 1:40 min

Do this everyday with palms and soles to harmonize your system


The soil that you walk upon has a certain sense of intelligence and memory. So even if you happen to live in a concrete jungle, it is important to keep in touch with the earth upon which you live. Create waste for yourself to somehow remain in touch with the soil or the earth upon which you live. That part of the earth, with your bare hands and bare feet. See, particularly the palms and the souls. If they come in touch with the earth on a daily basis, at least for a few minutes, a certain harmonizing of the physiological process will happen. Just being in contact with the earth. If you spend at least a few minutes in your garden barefooted, touching plants or trees. Because this is the basis of your life. All life, yours and every other creature, has come out of this earth. Stay in touch with it and harmonize your system.

Physical Health

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