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Do we really need to control our mind?


This has happened because people have become capable of suffering something that happened 10 years ago. Yes? You can suffer something that happened 10 years ago and you can suffer what may happen day after tomorrow. Already. So you are not suffering life, you’re just suffering your memory and imagination because it’s gone berserk. Because you did not take charge of it. Or in other words, the greatest faculty of what makes us human has become the problem. The best thing we have here for ourselves, as human beings, is this cerebral capability. Otherwise, as a body, you are nothing much, you’re really nothing much compared to a tiger, or an elephant, or so many other creatures. Yes or no? As a physical body you are nothing much compared to many creatures, isn’t it so? But because we got this, we can remember our experience of life, from that we can create an imagination, from that we can create or manage to plan and manifest what we want in our lives. Now such a great faculty has become a problem for a lot of people. Because the only thing, the only and only thing, that they are suffering is life is not happening the way I think it should happen. Is there any other suffering? Is there any other suffering for a human being? It’s not happening the way I think it should happen, that’s all there is isn’t it? Nobody has to tell you, be in the moment, because you cannot be anywhere else. Yes? You just cannot be anywhere else. Can you be? If you live, you live in this moment. If you die, you die in this moment isn’t it so? So there is no danger that you may slip away from this moment. That I have to teach you, please be in this moment, don’t go away. There is no way to go. There is no way to go. Try. No, no mentally I’m going. Mentally you’re not going anywhere. Mentally you can create images of anything. Your mind is a drawing board on which you can write anything. You’re in Pune, you can write Mumbai in your mind. Should I take away this capability from you? Should I take away? This is the most beautiful aspect of being human, isn’t it? That we can be here but we can imagine that, that, and that, and even things that we have not seen. Yes or no?

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