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Do your genes rule you? Is it possible to break the genetic grip?


So the reason why an individual human being may feel trapped in their own limited ways is simply because they are super identified with their memory. So one of the first steps in yoga is always this, that you start identifying with your ignorance never with your knowledge. Because your knowledge, it doesn’t matter how vast it is, it is minuscule in this cosmos. But our ignorance is boundless. So to blow the maximum bubble that you want, first and foremost thing is you do not identify with your knowledge. That means you do not identify with your accumulated memory. Accumulated memory, on a superficial level, may be just what I learnt. But on a deeper level, it is my genetics, it is my evolutionary memory, it is all the different dimensions of memory. So one fundamental thing we do, which is something, which would be very interesting for doctors like you to study is, we do certain things with people so they’ll become free from their genetic memory as far as possible. Except for the physiological factors, we want them to be released from their parentage. This is the purpose. The entire Eastern cultures were focused on this. Now it’s all messed up, people have forgotten this. Otherwise one thing is, we are always seeing how to distance ourselves from the genetic memory because we saw that if you are identified with your genetic memory, you will just be a replay of your parents life. You will not be a fresh life. If you want to be a genuinely fresh possibility, you have to distance yourself. There are many types of processes through which we distance ourselves from genetic memory. You must see this, it’s so dramatic. In the sense, in 24 hours’ time, the human being changes completely. The very way they think, feel, understand, and perceive life. With some of them, even their facial features will change. Suddenly they look different within 24 hours’ time. The change is so dramatic. So what do you do? Like him, I also delink. For a different purpose but, it’s in a way alienating from the genetic memory so that your functionality is not limited to your genetics. That you are not a copy of the parents who produced you. Yes, they have given your body, they have nurtured you to a certain adulthood, after that their business is done. Now your business is to become a totally new potential of life. That’s what it is. But this will not happen. You will see this happening with people. When they were 16, 18, they’re very rebellious about how they want to be. But you watch the same people after they’re 45, they’re behaving just like their parents. They walk like them, sit like them, talk like them, everything coming back, catching up with them. Because the genetic memory overpowers the initial desire and exuberance of youth. Once it begins to receive, you will see you start behaving just like your parents. Because the genetic memory overpowers you.

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