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Don’t drink water like this – it can become poison


Water is 72%. So maximum care should be taken about the water. Because it’s 72%. You must take enormous care about the water because it’s 72%. And it has tremendous memory. If I open this water, even without opening if I say something to this water, it remembers. There has been a lot of experiments in this direction. So, if you take this water from wherever the waterworks is, and pump it to your house. Let’s say it went through 50 bends, pumped forcefully, with a certain force. Which naturally is done. And you’re living on 12th floor of the apartment. So further forced up. Now they’re saying, if it goes through 50 bends, about 60% of the water has turned poisonous. Immediately when it comes to the tap, immediately if it comes and you drink it, it will work as poison in your system. If you take it and hold it for some time, it will undo itself again. Because the poisoning is not chemical, it is molecular. Molecular changes are happening. No chemical changes happen. This is why, traditionally, your grandmother always told you, always you must gather the water, keep it overnight in your house in a properly cleaned vessel with vibhuti and kumkum on it and one flower on it. Yes or no? Traditional homes? Only tomorrow morning you drink it. Not as soon as it comes inside your house, you don’t drink it because it carries all kinds of memories. In very traditional homes, people everyday to puja to the pot. Yes? And you never drink the water as soon as it comes. You keep it, give it enough time to undo itself from whatever nonsense it has gathered. So that it is suitable for you when you drink it. Water you must take care. Because it’s 72%.

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