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Don’t eat these if you have Asthma or excess mucus l asthma diet l asthma food


If you take off dairy, you will see, for many people we have seen, 100% of their asthma is only in their dairy product consumption. They take away dairy, asthma is gone. For a large number of people, at least 50% of their problem is in the dairy produce. If you take away that, 50% will come down. Remaining 50% could be easily handled. Milk and milk products and mucus related problems cannot go together. It highly aggravates these things. Such people should avoid bananas, jackfruits, cooked beetroot. You can eat raw beetroot, but cooked beetroot are highly mucus forming. One more substance which could be very good for you in daily consumption is honey. Honey is the only substance found on the planet whose chemical composition is very close to that of human blood. If you change a few things, it’s almost like blood. Daily consumption of honey can do a lot for your health. Especially people who have excess mucus problems.

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