Duration: 2:35 min

Don’t stand and eat – it is very bad for your health


Even food, I’m telling you. If you sit in front of food, one advantage you have is there is a table between you and the lower parts of your body. But if you sit with food, but with legs open, like many people are standing and eating. If you stand and eat, there are many negativities to this because you must understand the longing for food is not just in your mouth. Entire body is longing for it. Entire body. Well people will say, oh there is nothing scientific about it. Is my navel longing for food? Is my genitals longing for food? Yes it is. You may not understand every part of the body is longing for food but it must go through this root, isn’t it? Hello? Similarly there are other kinds of longings in our body. They must go through the right route. Then only life works out in a certain way. Otherwise you will distort life. So keeping your legs crossed whenever you see a powerful form is a very important thing. And also food. Food is a very powerful thing. Hello? If you’re not eating for three days, you understand it’s a very powerful thing, isn’t it? Hello? It is a very powerful thing and you will see if you’re not eating for three to five days, every cell in the body will long for foo. Now if you place food here, it’s not just here. Mouth waters. Everything works. So it’s important that your legs are crossed when food comes in front of you. But you have found another way, shielding yourself with the table. All right, if that is working for you. But if you’re having food, you’re very hungry, and food is exposed to the entire body, this is not good for you. This goes for food because we consider food as a very powerful instrument. Consecrated objects and human beings who are of a certain power within themselves, you never open your legs and sit like this in front of them because that will bring a wrong kind of energy into your system.


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