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Health tip – A simple way to become healthy


Some people are overworked and they have ill health. Most people are underworked and they have ill health today. If you lived here on this planet 200 years ago, physically you would be doing at least 20 times more activity than what you’re doing right now. Physically. Definitely, isn’t it? You would have walked to this place, you would have done everything with your hands. You would be doing minimum 20 times more activity. I think I’m wrong, 100 times probably. Some of you 250 times. So if you were doing that much activity, then I would have told you take a break, take some rest. Now the body has not been used. Only by using this body you can keep it well. When you say health, you’re talking about physical health. You must use this body. The more you use it, the better it gets. One of the simplest things about health is just to use the body. If you sufficiently use the body, body has everything to create health for itself. Does it mean to say that’s the only thing and nothing else will happen to me? I’ll be perfect? I would say if we physically used our body as much as we should, I would say 80% of the ailments on this planet would just disappear. 80%. The remaining 20%, in that another 10% is because of the type of foods that people are eating. They change the food habit, another 10% would disappear. That means only 10% ailment would remain. That has happened because of variety of reasons. One is karmic, another could be atmospheric, and there are other aspects that could have happened in the system which can be looked at. Out of all the sick people, if 90% of them become healthy just by using the body and eating the right food, 10% could be easily handled. But now the volume of ailment is so big, because we don’t eat properly or we eat very properly and we don’t use the body properly.

Physical Health

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