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Health Tip – Eat only local produce

Scientists today call the human gut as the second brain. The soil microbe activity, and human gut microbe activity is very similar. So, Yogic science says, that you must always consume food which is grown in a land, within the diameter or within the radius of how much a man can walk in a day.

In the yogic culture, generally it is said like this – that you must always consume food which is grown in a land, within the diameter or within the radius of how much a man can walk in a day. From morning to evening if you walk, you may do 15-20, maybe 25 Kilometers, straight line. So 25 Kilometer radius, within that you must eat. What is the logic behind this? What is the science behind this? Well, what is happening in the soil as microbiome activity, and what is happening in the human gut for the same, is very similar. Or in a way a kind of a more evolved or enhanced manifestation of the same in the gut. After hundreds of years, now modern medicine is talking about, there is a second brain in your gut. A whole lot of things about who you are. I hope it’s not so for you, but a whole lot of things as to who you are, how you think, how you feel, your level of balance, your equanimity, everything is decided by what’s happening in the gut. It’s being referred to uh as a second brain or the gut brain. Well it is true that the chemistry of the body is happening at various levels. One thing is the glandular secretions are very important in managing the chemistry. But gut is the place where the input for the chemical factory that you are, is coming – all the food. So what kind of food? If the food is coming from the land upon which you stand, then it has a certain relationship. This whole problem, the human problem is this, that just because you can prance around a little bit, you think – some people are even saying they have come from some other planet or some other universe they are claiming. Well if you were made like this tree, roots sticking into the soil, you would clearly clearly know that you came from the soil. Just because nature’s magnanimity, it allowed you to prance around a little bit and you’re getting all confused as to what is your source. So the gut microbes and what’s happening in the topsoil are very similar. And it not only has life making material, it also has many many remedies. In terms of today we would like to call it medicines, but I would call them remedial forces. Like for example you know it is being found, that many studies have happened where it has been found, children playing in the soil outside always have a richer gut microbiome. Not because they’re eating soil, simply it happens because the your body and the soil are not two different things, just in two different forms.


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