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Health tip – Walk barefoot on these days of the month


Recently, somebody said this, just a week ago or ten days ago. This was published because you know M.F. Husain died. You know this? You know M.F. Husain, the artist died? So one of his most recent interviews, which he did with a famous or a well-known anchor in this country. Husain died in London at the age of 92. 92. He remained very active and energetic till the last day. So what is the secret? I think this interview was taken just three months before his death. What is the secret of your longevity, energy and health? He said just two things. Eat less, walk barefoot. Do you know this has been an issue with him in many controversies, where he was not allowed into certain very elite clubs barefoot. But he always insisted he walks barefoot. So for him to live long and healthy, this is the recipe he gave. Eat less, walk barefoot. It was very amusing for me to hear him say that. So what is the significance of barefoot? Especially those of you who find your body is not integrated enough, constantly it’s troubling you. Such people should walk barefoot. It’ll be nice if you can crawl, more contact I mean. This is why you prostrate. What do you think is the purpose of taking a dip in the temple pond and going and prostrating inside? Everything in your body comes in touch. This is what sashtang means, that the key points in your body must be in touch with the earth. For one who is on a spiritual sadhana, particularly on those days, shivaratri, amavasya and the next day after that, those three days. What is available on the planet is phenomenal. And it’s also a reminder for you to intensify your sadhana. On that day, not missing the opportunity of what is there. So on that day walking barefoot. Every day there is benefit but on those days there is a particular kind of benefit, which is not only for physical health but also for spiritual well-being, also for creating the necessary momentum in the system for an upward moment.


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