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How can I dissolve myself into you?


Q: I read this in your book. So how can we dissolve ourselves into you?

Sadhguru: I am not sulfuric acid. Let’s understand this. What is dissolution? I don’t know how you got this, that’s not what has been said anywhere. It’s a little off but let me correct that. See whether people are conscious of it or not conscious of it, every human being, knowingly or unknowingly, is seeking solutions to wherever they are. Isn’t it so? Or in other words, the nature of human intelligence is such, that wherever you are there is a problem. So this is the nature of human intellect because it gets only one face of everything. It is always thinking everything is a problem. When you don’t have a problem, you’re dissolved. Please say this because you are not a problem, you’re a possibility. So dissolution does not mean destruction. Dissolution means you broke the boundaries of your individuality because your individual existence is a myth that you have created. You are very much individual. You don’t like the person who’s sitting next to you right now, so don’t breathe the air that they are breathing. Do one thing just close your nose like this, hold it like this for two minutes, you know that without communication you won’t last for a moment. This is not just with respiration, this is with every particle in this body. Without being in communication with the entire existence, this cannot exist for a moment. So dissolution is not something that you have to do. If you drop the conclusions that you have made about yourself, this is already dissolved. Modern physics is telling you this, isn’t it? You are already dissolve, you don’t have to dissolve. It is just that you have a fancy idea in your head. To get that idea out is the spiritual process. Spiritual process is not a real process. Spiritual process is just helping you to distance yourself from your physiological and psychological process so that you see life just the way it is.

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