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How can I go to Heaven? Where is heaven?


See those who have made a hell out of themselves are always aspiring to go to heaven. Yes. So when this is feeling like hell, we hope that somewhere when we go up there, that everything will be fantastic. So this happened. This happened in Alabama. You know Alabama state? It’s a special state. It’s a different kind of state, hardcore religious state. So in a Sunday school, a Sunday school teacher was going all out. Full rhetoric. Full force. And unfortunately, the audience were not like you, they were all tiny tots. It’s a catch them young policy. In his full rhetoric he was going and children were sitting like this. Suddenly he stopped for dramatic impact. He stopped and he said, what do you have to do to go to heaven? Little mary in the front bench stood up and said, if I mop the church floor every Sunday morning, I will go to heaven. Absolutely. Another little girl out there said, if I share my pocket money with my less privileged friend, I will go to heaven. Correct. Another boy said, if I help people who are in need, I will go to heaven. Correct. Little tommy in the back bench stood up and said, you got to die first. Well that’s a qualification. If you want to go to heaven, you got to die first. So when you die, depending on your culture, we will either bury you or burn you or cut you and throw you to the birds. Yes, one of these things we will do depending on your culture. So one thing is very clear, you will put your body back into the earth and it’s a very eco friendly thing to do. So you left your body and went to heaven. So what is in heaven? In Hindu heaven food is very good. If you go to another kind of heaven, white gowned ladies will float around in the clouds. If you like that kind of ambience, you go there. If you go to another heaven, you will have virgin problems. If that’s what you’re looking for, you go there. But, you went there without the body, what do you do with good food and virgins I’m asking. Hello? This was one simple way. You must understand the managerial skills of the traditional people. This was a way of managing humanity. You’re miserable. Don’t worry, when you go there everything will be okay. Solace. So if it is a psychologist saying these things, it’s okay. But you really made them believe everything is going to be better somewhere you can mess up your life here, that’s not good. Somebody is in deep state of suffering, don’t worry when you go and sit in god’s lap, everything will be okay. It’s a psychological tool. It’s fine when people are in extreme states.

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