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How does deja vu happen? Is it real or just imagination


So what’s deja vu? It feels like you go to some place, or you see somebody, or some situation, it looks like you’ve already been there, or you’ve already known this, or known this person, or thing, or experience, or whatever. 90% of the time it could be just a psychological process. Your mind has so many compartments, most of them have not been opened up. Most of them. Do you know people become schizophrenic and there have been people who have over 30 different personalities. Do you know? Over 30 personalities, who play 30 personalities full scale, with total detail, without any hassle. Not just 30, if you want you can play 3 million. Because the mind is so elaborate. If you open up all, if you want to play 3 million roles, you can play 3 million roles. But it’s happening as a disease so it’s a problem. If it was happening consciously, there was no problem, isn’t it? And many people are playing roles consciously too, isn’t it? So there are many, many, many spaces in the head that you don’t know. One thing with your mind is, everything that you have perceived, everything. Even if you perceived it unconsciously, it is still there. You’re just walking on the street, you’re driving through the streets at 70-80 miles per hour. Most of it you think you don’t even notice it consciously but everything that the camera of the eye sees, it captures and it’s stored forever. It may not be consciously there but it’s all there. The same goes for all the five senses. Every sound that you heard, every smell that you smelled, every taste that you’ve tasted and everything that you have touched and felt, it’s all recorded and kept. And a large part of it is unconscious. Because there is so much information inside, it could match up with almost anything that you see in the world. And it could make, if you’re gravitating towards something, the mind can create this illusion that you’ve already been there because it has all the information needed to create a scene like that. It has everything in itself to do it. So I would say 90% of the time it’s a psychological process. But there might have been, sometimes, a few people, might have experienced this that they went to a place and it’s almost like everything about it they know. That is a real deja vu. But I would like to keep that percentage to 2% of the reality. Another 8% maybe out of control, mental reactions to certain things. But in 2% of the cases it may be true. Is there such a thing? Yes, there is. But most of the time, I would say 98% of the time I would advise, you discount it. You just discount it as a psychological process otherwise you will see, once you start believing in it, you will see it will start happening to you everywhere. That means you’re really going off control.

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