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How does one feel just before dying?


Right now there is no experience of life. Largely you’re just a bundle of thought, emotion, ideas, opinions, and prejudices. Your psychological drama is being mistaken for life. You must see how people die. It’s very important. If you watch people die, over 80% of the people on this planet, when the moment of death comes, there is no pain, there is not even fear but you will see bewilderment on their face. Like this they go. Because it’s like you went to the cinema, you bought the ticket, went to the cinema. You sat there, during the trailer itself you fell asleep. And when they turn on the lights after the movie, you woke up. What! It’s already over? This is how most people are dying. This is the most unfortunate way to die. Because before you open your account, it’s over. Your own thought and emotion kept you so busy, you thought this is life. But when the moment of death comes, suddenly you know, the drama that you were turning on within you looks so real but the moment lights are going off, then you know this is not it. Your psychological drama. We can all sit in the same place and each one of us can have something different going in our minds right now. Yes or no? So obviously what’s happening in your mind is your psychological reality, it’s not existential. It has no existential basis. It is in this sense, people are telling you be in the moment. Because there is no basis to your psychological reality, you can make up whatever you want. Or in other words, your creation, your petty creation has become larger than the magnificent creation of the creator. So spiritual process means, you set this anomaly right. You understand your psychological reality is something that you’re making up. I’m not saying you should not make it up, you can. But you must be able to switch it off when you don’t want. The problem is it’s just on 24 hours so it looks like that is the reality. It is not the reality, you’re just making it up. Yes or no? The made up world has become larger than the real world. Just to correct this, is spiritual process. You understand what is real and what is made up. This means you are spiritual. If you can identify what is existentially true and what is not true, you will navigate navigate your way through life effortlessly, isn’t it? If your mind, your body takes instructions from you, being peaceful and joyful is not even an issue. Is it an issue? If your body and mind is taking instructions from you, is it an issue? Is it even a consideration? Do you have to even bother about it? How to be peaceful, how to be joyful? There’s no such thing. This is coming from a very unnatural situation because made up world has become larger than the real world. What’s happening on your phone has become bigger than the cosmos, isn’t it?


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