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How much karmic influence do parents have on their children?

Lakshmi Manchu asks Sadhguru – “Namaskaram Sadhguru. I have a question. So, does the relationship that we have with our parents, impact the course of our life? If yes, how best our we to nurture this?” Sadhguru tells is that parents karmic influence on their children is till the age of 21 years.

Laxmi Manchu: I have a question. So does the relationship that we have with our parents impact the course of our life? If yes, how best are we to nurture this?


Sadhguru: Namaskaram Lakshmi. Well in the yogic science as we look at life. We look at a human life as a full cycle if one lives up to 84 years of age. In this cycle of life which involves a little over 100 cycles of moon, the first quarter is when the influence of the parents are upon us energetically. In terms of Karmic influence only up to 21 years of age can parentage influence us, after that we are not supposed to be influenced by them. But for whatever they have done, first of all they have brought us into this world and many other things out of their love and involvement they have done, we can live in gratitude. After 21 years of age one should not be influenced by the patterns of parentage, because the important thing is that this is a fresh life. This should not be a repetition of what has happened in the previous generation. So, to a maximum of 21 years of age there is a Karmic influence, which definitely influences everybody. But beyond 21 years of age, there is no such thing. It may be purely psychological dependence, or maybe financial and social dependence on parents for a whole lot of people. But essentially at the age of 21 this bond breaks. But after that it’s a bond of relationship of love, of gratitude. Those things can always stay forever. So we should not look for parental nurture after 21 years of age. We can only live in gratitude for whatever they have done.


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