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How to access the boundless energy of the cosmos?

There is boundless energy in the existence for those who are willing to open their doors.

There is a boundless amount of energy in the existence for those who are willing to open their doors. What we see as life as a whole, creation as a whole, is just a vast space of energy. Cosmos is a vast space of living energy. When it forms into nodules, we call them stars, planets, satellites, rocks, soil, people, animals, trees. Everything that’s a physical manifestation, in a way is like an energy nodule. Now you as a person, if you take your personality or your individual existence too seriously and concretize yourself as a person with the false sense of absoluteness to your existence, then you become closed to the larger dimension of energy. The larger space of energy in which you are just a small nodule floating around. When you dissolve this, when you come to an understanding, when you come to an inner experience, that you are not an absolute, you are just a nodule of the larger energy process which we call as cosmos. This cosmic energy is available to you if only you willing to relax this silly idea of absoluteness about yourself. In this there are possibilities of experiencing, knowing, and touching dimensions which others are completely ignorant of or unconscious of. Your experience of life will be very hard to put into logical terms, but most human beings would consider you as superhuman, simply because you have exercised the privilege of being human. So this is not about being superhuman, this is about realizing being human is super.

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