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How to achieve true health?

Every human being aspires for #health and wellbeing. True health fundamentally means to be in tune with nature, both inner and outer.

Everybody aspires for health and well-being. True health means being in tune with nature, both internal and external. Ill health or disease is a state where for some reason, maybe not always perceived by an individual as to why for some reason, you have gotten into a strife within yourself. Your chemistry, your energies, the various systems have gotten into some kind of friction. We are not talking about infectious diseases. They need to be dealt with differently. But over 70 percent of human ailments are chronic. For variety of reasons, including genetic reasons, individual human beings may suffer from disease. Dis-ease essentially means in some way the system is not at ease. Maybe it’s the body, maybe it is the chemistry, maybe it’s your energy, on some level there is friction, there is strife. Well, there are many aspects to health and well-being. But large part of it can be taken into our hands, if only, if you are willing to do some amount of internal work. What comes from outside you have to manage one way. What comes from within must be managed by you. For outside you can seek outside help. But what comes from within you has to be managed by you. For this a little bit of internal work, a little bit of maturing your energies, stabilizing your chemistry, and the psychological content, how you manage that, would greatly enhance your ability to be healthy and achieve a sense of well-being. Every human being is capable of this. Beyond genetic limitations, beyond environmental influences, still individual human beings can achieve health and well-being, if only they are willing to do a little bit of sadhana for their inner well-being, which will naturally reflect in their external well-being.


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