Duration: 3:35 min

How to always be alert? Do you feel drowsy through the day?


If sleep is invading your life just anytime of the day, one thing is, fundamental thing is to check up your basic health. Just checking if there’s something wrong with your system. Physically wrong. That you’re going through, as in, you’re not well. When you’re not well, you sleep much more than normal, isn’t it? Because something is happening in the body which does not allow enough energy to do other things, it wants to rest. First thing is that. The second thing is, the food that you eat. So, if you, you must do, you know, generally for people who are in the yogic path, you know what they say? You should eat only 24 morsels. I’m not saying this to everybody. And if you’re noticing that you’re tending to fall asleep through the day, you eat only 24 morsels of food, that is, 24 mouthfuls. Why 24? I will not go into that number business now. But there’s a science behind it. You only eat 24 mouthfuls. Mouthful does not mean. So, essentially your alertness depends on how keenly you manage your energies. So to assist it, you eat only 24 morsels. Try from dinner. Or you want to do it tomorrow? Shall we try this in dinner or tomorrow? Now if you do eat only 24 morsels, normal sized morsels, you will see in the morning you will wake up at 3:30. Yes. In the Indian way of looking at time, there’s something called as a nimisha which has something to do with 24. That’s why you eat 24. You eat 24. And still you must take the same time as somebody who is eating a full meal. Whoever, just see whoever eats maximum in the ashram, just see their plate. Till they get up, you must be sitting right there. Not simply sitting, you must chew. To every mouthful, you chew 24 times. 1, 2, 3, 4, chew it 24 times. Now you will see you will take more time than anybody else. But your food is pre-digested in your mouth before it goes in. It will not cause dullness. If you chew your food sufficiently, you will see food will not cause dullness. If it’s masticated in the mouth region, then morning you will wake up at 3:30. What do I do Sadhguru? Just what you asked. Meditate.


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