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How to be in perfect health? When to take medicine?


See, health does not mean that just the medical parameters are okay. Health means you must feel a certain sense of wholeness. The word health itself comes from the word whole, a certain sense of wholeness. When you wake up in the morning, you are more alive than you were when you went to bed, you feel 10 years younger than the time when you went to bed. If you feel like that, that means you’re healthy. There is something called as a psychological reality and there is an existential reality. By controlling or handling the psychological reality well, a lot of people can become healthy. A lot. Because for a lot of them that is the cause of their ailment. But there’s an existential dimension to this. Existentially, what are you made of, what is the world made of. If you look at it, this is the most fundamental aspect of yoga. This is called as Bhutashuddhi. This means elemental, cleansing of the elemental nature. The whole universe is a manifestation of five elements. So is this body. Out of these five, there are only four that you can really handle. Another one you just experience. It’s the ambiance for the other four. So the earth, water, fire, air, and the space. So you only have to handle really four. Four ingredients if they’re functioning the way you want them, then everything about you will be great. Out of this four, 72% of your water, I mean your body is actually water. So is the planet. The same composition of the planet you have in your body. About 12% is earth, about 6% is air, 4% is fire, the remaining is space. This is how it is looked at. If you master these four, even if you have a bit of control over these four, you will see miraculously you will generate health within the system. If you fail on this, then the next level of handling this is, nature has evolved certain things in the form of herbs and many things which are helpful to us. So we can learn to use them. If you fail in that, then you can create a psychological structure which will create health for you. If you fail in that, then you go for the chemical treatment. If you fail in that, then you go for a surgery.

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