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How to be successful like Sachin Tendulkar?


See, whether it is art, music, design, business, sport, spirituality, politics, it doesn’t matter what it is. If you are not absolutely devoted to what you’re doing, you will never do anything significant in your life. That’s for 100% I’m telling you. You may earn a living, but you will not do anything significant if you are not totally, totally devoted to something. See, right now there are many examples. Because they gave him a Bharat Ratna, I am choosing him. Let’s say Sachin Tendulkar. This man knows nothing except hitting a ball. He gets so devoted to hitting a ball, hitting a ball, hitting a ball, hitting a ball and he eats it like nobody. Now he’s Bharat Ratna. Yes or no? It is just devotion. You must talk to him and see privately. He is like, you talk about the ball he will. He is so devoted to it, okay? It’s, it’s his religion, it’s his sacred stuff, it is everything to him, hitting that ball. His entire life he invests in one simple act, hitting a ball. Is it a big thing? But hitting a ball because of enormous devotion, just see what happens. Tremendous things happen, isn’t it? So, the question is not about what you want to do, the question is just this, can you be devoted to this? Let’s say you think in terms of today, if I invest my life next 25 years, can I be devoted to what I’m doing right now? Will this matter to me? Will I feel fulfilled if I look back and see what I have done? Something. You do whatever the hell you want, just do it well. That’s important. And don’t do any damn thing that you will be ashamed of doing tomorrow, isn’t it? What other people say it doesn’t matter but you should not be ashamed of what you have done, isn’t it so? Hello? This much you must keep, this much pride and freedom you must keep in your life. It doesn’t matter the whole world says you’re wrong, but you are not ashamed of what you have done. That much you must always keep in your life, if that one thing if you give up I’m telling you, you’ll live a very poor life. You may have everything but you’ll have nothing.


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