Duration: 3:25 min

How to become intuitive?


This about intuition. First thing to understand about intuition is, intuition is not a different level of intelligence. Intuition is just simply a different level of computing. That is, let us say, let me make it very simplistic for you. Just for the sake of understanding. Right now, let’s say you had a child or you had a an infant who was grown up just inside a room. Never seen outside. Suddenly you bring him out and show him this tree, you know what he’s doing? He’s gathering data. Colour, form, the way it moves, the way it is, he’s just taking up data through his sense organs. Let him watch this tree for a few minutes. Let’s say he is grown up, after some time, and you ask him to, let’s say depict a tree, most probably he will depict it nearly 90% right. But, now the process of assimilating the tree in his mind is not logical. He is not saying the leaf is 5 centimeters by 7 centimeters, the colour is this kind of green, which is a combination of that, that and that. No, there is no logical assimilation, it’s intuitive. Simply, just like that. The picture comes to his mind. Because all the data is there, processed and jumps all the steps of one, two, three, four and just gets there. So intuition is just that your computing is in such a way that you don’t go through the logical process every time. So intuitive means your computing is skipping the logical steps and arriving at the answer, which is definitely a more sensible way to conduct your life. So your intuition, what kind of intuition do you have? People are just doing guesswork all the time and thinking it’s intuition. No. If you want to develop intuition, first thing is you must learn how to simply sit here, fully alert and not thinking about anything. So the most important aspect of life is your attention, not your thoughts. This is what a child, who saw the tree for the first time, did. Attention. If your attention is on all the time, without any kind of judgments about what is this, what is that. Simply attention, not thought. Just attention. You will naturally become intuitive.


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