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How to become Telepathic?


Q: Sadhguru, many years ago, when my son was a little kid, he gave me a book written by Swami Vivekananda. He was describing how ancient gurus could communicate with each other thousands of miles away just by thought. It’s essentially, it’s like a modern internet. How one computer can communicate with another computer in US or Europe, anywhere. Do you believe that human mind can be trained to influence another human mind or people’s mind who are far away, just by tuning our mind to the right frequency? Can it be trained? Can we learn that art?

Sadhguru: You’re trying to beat the cell phone companies. It’s not just about the mind. See when we say mind, the english word mind, is only generally referring to only the thought process. Thought process is the most surface element of your mind. I think, because of European thought, we have given too much significance to the thought. In the yogic science, we do not attach any importance to what you’re thinking about or feeling right now. Because, what can you think? Only the data that you have collected, you’re recycling it. It’s of no great consequence. Whatever is in the surface of your mind keeps rolling, that is not of any consequence. What you’re thinking and feeling right now is very surface of mind. There are deeper dimensions of the mind. In Sanskrit language there are many many words to describe the different states of mind. But now there is one aspect of the mind. For lack of time and stuff, I’ll leave those things. There’s one aspect of the mind which we refer to as chitta. Chitta is the innermost core of the mind, which is your connection with what we are referring to as consciousness. If your chitta becomes conscious, if your chitta acquires a certain level of conscious control, if you acquire, now you have access to your consciousness. What we are referring to as consciousness is that dimension which is neither physical, nor is it electrical, nor is it electromagnetic. It is a quantum leap from physical to non-physical dimension. A non-physical dimension being the lap of the existence. It is the non-physical in whose lap the physical is happening. Physical is a small happening. In this cosmos not even 2%, or not even 1% is physical, rest is non-physical. So if your chitta becomes even mildly conscious, your ability to not only communicate an idea or a thought, even to deliver something is possible. Physically deliver something is possible. So is it a possibility? Definitely, it is. Right now can we teach it to all these people? In theory, yes. But are they willing to work towards it? That’s a question mark.


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