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How to boost your self confidence?


This self-esteem, this self-confidence. All these things, unfortunately, have been sold a lot on the planet. Why do you need esteem? Why do you need esteem? Esteem is because you want to be little one-up on somebody else all the time. Unfortunately our education systems were made like this. Right from kindergarten, who is first, who is second, who is third. You want to be first. So your sense of happiness is only when everybody is doing worse than you. What kind of life is that? Why are we structuring our lives like this that if everybody is doing badly, I will feel great. I think it’s sickness. Hello? You think it’s joy or sickness, please tell me. If all of you are doing badly, I feel great because I am number one now. No. This should go. From an early age, unfortunately, this is being imposed upon a child’s mind. That you have to be on top of everybody else. In this cosmos, even the solar system is a tiny speck. Tomorrow morning if the entire solar system evaporates, nobody will notice it. That’s how small it is. In that tiny speck, planet earth is a microspec. In that microspec, Bengaluru is a super microspec. In that, you are a very big person with great self-esteem. This is not a simple problem. People suffer this for their whole life without handling it. This is all. Never look up to anything, never look down on anything. If you see everything just the way it is, everything has immense value. Everybody has a place and value to their life, isn’t it? Every creature has value. Because we did not realize that, how many things we have destroyed in this world. Simply because we think this is valuable, this is not valuable. There is nothing here that is not valuable, everything has its value. Maybe you’re not able to see it. So don’t set yourself up like this. You versus the rest of the world, it’s a bad competition to get into. You want to be number one on this planet. It’s a horrible place. Everybody below you and you up, is it a good place to be? I think it’s a sick place. This attitude of wanting to be ahead of somebody needs to go. Well for fun in a game or something you compete, that’s different. Life is not a competition, life is not a race. If life is a race, you must get to the finish line soon. If you think life is a race, you must be at the finish line today. I can tell you how. You want to go there?


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