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How to deal with a bad day?


Why are you trying to label a day as a bad day, or a good day? It is only human beings who, in their experience, they do these things to themselves. Why they do these things to themselves is, see today there was a glorious sunrise. Millions of flowers blossomed across the planet, so many wonderful things are happening, even the stars are twinkling right now, the moon is full today, everything is fantastic. But, one worm of a thought in your head can make a mess out of you, isn’t it so? Isn’t it so? So why this is so is, somewhere you are giving or ascribing a lot more importance to your psychological process, than the existential process. Instead of being a life, you’re being a psychological case. Yes? Because your thought process and your emotion has become far more important than the existential process, that is the only problem, isn’t it? Or in other words, the creation, the creator’s creation has not impacted you enough yet. So you think your petty creation in your head is bigger than that. Or to put it bluntly, you’re too full of yourself, that’s the only reason why you can have a bad day. Otherwise why? No, the stock market crashed. So what? The sun rose. So many things happen, does it mean to say nothing goes wrong in my life? More things go wrong with my life than anybody else’s life probably, anybody here, I would say. Because I don’t hesitate to put my hand into just about anything. I do not hesitate to put my hand into anything. When you put your hand into just about anything, lot of things will bite you, right? Naturally it will. I want you to understand this, the whole process of suffering is essentially that you have not opened your eyes, you’ve not peeled your eyes properly and looked at the grandeur of everything that’s happening around you, not yet. You’ve not paid attention, you looked at the world like this. You must look at the world like this, if you just look at one thing, you can’t believe how it is. If you ever look at an ant, just see what kind of technology has gone into it. It can keep you engaged for the rest of your life doing research. Yes or no? So the problem is just this, that you are giving too much importance to what’s happening in your little head, not paying attention to all the magnificent things that are happening in the existence. I have never seen a bad day in the existence. I’ve only seen bad days in people’s moods and minds, isn’t it?

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