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How to deal with a difficult partner


If your concern is your spiritual growth only then if you have a demon for your partner that’s the best thing. But your partner, your husband, wife is not just about spiritual growth you also want to have a pleasant life in the family then you have to choose. Someone who like, whom you like but little…. there is a…. any human being on the planet, there is something that you don’t like about them. isn’t it so? So, you use that part of it, for your spiritual growth and the rest of it you enjoy.
Just as life. So if your intention is to have a good family, then some rapport is needed between two people, otherwise it won’t work. Especially if you have produced children, then rapport is must, otherwise you’ll foul the new life that’s come up. If you create a foul atmosphere you’ll foul up the new life that is coming up. Nobody has any right to do that actually, but people are doing it. But no human being has any right, you can mess yourself up as much as you want, that’s up to you. But you can’t mess up a fresh life that’s just coming up. So, if you’re looking for good life, family life, then one has to find rapport and that rapport means, some areas of commonality at least. But if you’re looking for spiritual life, it doesn’t matter what kind of person he is. You can use everything for your growth, everything, for your growth. If that’s all your focus is. But generally your focus is both ways you want to have a little bit of that and a little bit of this. So mixed fair, so it gets a little complex. So, to build a rapport takes effort, takes compromise, takes love, endurance, takes endurance you know. Somebody is constantly like this, you want to build a rapport with that person but you don’t want to go his way, that takes lots of endurance. Yes or no?

People whom you love are not easy. So, what can you do? One thing is to transform yourself in such a way, being in your presence unknowingly their cup will turn around..


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