Duration: 2:45 min

How to deal with challenging times?


Challenging times are an opportunity, both for individuals and the nation, to rise above their comfort zones and enhance life. If we look at life only in terms of social situations, our economic conditions, and other relative experiences of life, then we would see a challenging time as a disaster. But if you see life as life itself, if you see life the way I see it, then you would naturally see every challenging time is an opportunity for you to enhance your life and the life of the society around you, and the nation. Because challenging times means life is in a flux. When it’s a flux, if you know how to ride life, it’ll become a great possibility. Of course, there is a lot of difficulty, there is hardship. But hardship is one thing, suffering is another thing. Hardship is a situation in which we exist. Suffering is the psychological situation that we create. Hardship strengthens us, emboldens us. Hardship makes us strong towards a greater possibility. But suffering is an unfortunate consequence that a whole lot of human beings create because they have no control over their psychological space. When situations in the world are against you, your body, your mind, your emotion and your energies should work for you. For this you need a little bit of engineering yourself. An inner engineering needs to happen. This is the whole science of yoga, how to ensure that you are never the problem in your life. Make this one thing happen in your life, that you are never the problem in your life. There are a thousand problems of survival, of wanting to flourish in the world, of people, of enemies, of nations, of social situations. Many, many problems. But you should never be a problem in this world. You must always be a part of the solution.

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