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How to deal with teenagers


Now what’s happening with the so called teenage is, you got used to your child as a helpless creature. Now if he’s finding his own feet, you don’t like it. You want to condense him. What you need is a toy or a doll to play with, or maybe a dog. A couple was struggling, not able to make a decision whether to have children or not. The debate between the husband and wife was, the husband wants to have children, the wife says it’s not necessary, we can get a dog instead. Because they couldn’t settle it, they went to a marriage counselor. So they said, we are not able to make up our mind whether to have children or to get a dog. What should we do? So marriage counselor said, this is very simple. You want to ruin your carpets or your life, you must decide. Children, when they come, when they’re helpless and for everything they look up to you, you think your children are magical because they’re helpless. Suppose the baby popped out of you and stood up and said, hey, who the hell are you? You won’t like this baby. But he takes 14-15 years to ask that question. In fact that is all a teenager is asking. Okay, who the hell are you? So if you want to be somebody to that new fresh life which has come, you must not have defined boundaries of who you are. Like when the child was infant, when it crawled, you crawled with him. Now your teenager wants to swing, you must be able to swing with him. No, you still want to crawl with him. He’s not interested. He’s beginning to ask. Parents are looking ridiculous in the eyes of adolescence. Yes or no? Didn’t your parents look ridiculous in your eyes? Unless you were old by the time you were 12. If you were young and energetic, your parents look ridiculous because they think still you need to be crawled around. Every day life is changing within you because you’re growing rapidly. And the fools around you, not able to grasp that. So don’t deal with your teenagers. Please make yourself available to be dealt by them. Make them responsible for everything.


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