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How to do a Fire Wash & its Benefits

Not just water bath! One can take a Fire Bath too! Sadhguru explains the right way to do a Fire Wash, and its benefits.

Using fire as a way of cleansing your system is a very powerful system. Here, in the ashram we call this Kleshanasha, which means about destroying or burning up the impurities in the system. Because, when you look at the human form, the outermost aspect of your body is akash. Somewhere between 12 to 18 inches of akash is there around almost everybody. This is an essential ingredient of the making of this form. Purification of the body is important, in the sense, you can purify it, just a simple bath or a shower that you take is one form of purification. You just want to wash the surface of the skin. And, if you pay attention, especially if you’re showering with cold or cool water, you will see a shower is not just about cleansing the skin or washing whatever dirt or impurities that may be on your skin. But it rejuvenates you and cleanses you of many things. If you are very stressed, if you’re bothered about something, something disturbing you, go stand under the shower for a few minutes and come out. You see a certain relief from all those things. This is not just because of cool water flowing over your body and calming your nerves or whatever. That also is happening, of course. Beyond that, there is a certain cleansing of the akashic dimension of who you are. So as you can do a water wash for the body, you can do a fire wash for the body. This is what is Kleshanasha kriya. If the person who is doing it is properly trained and they’re doing the way it should be done, then, in the right kind of moment, you will see, initially it’s just fire, but at some point you’ll feel suddenly there is a certain freedom. A certain release within you because something that was attached to you is gone.

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