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How to energetically connect with Sadhguru


Q: I have read in a book that those who are sitting with you, you will give liberation or good life. I see that it kills self-striving, it creates dependency. Why you should decide about me or anything? I should decide everything about me. So I read in your book that, so it means if I’m sitting with you means, I have to follow you.

Sadhguru: No. I said, only if you sit with me. So it creates dependency, it means I’m dependent, I’m not striving. You’ll pay for it. If you’re not striving, you’ll pay for it. There’s a fee. If you don’t strive, one will pay, isn’t it? In anything, in any aspect. Whether you’re studying for an examination, or you’re striving to improve your career, or you’re doing business, or you’re pursuing spiritual process. If there is no striving, there is a fee for it, isn’t it? No? Is there or is there not? There is, always. Even if you get married, you have to strive every day to make it work otherwise it won’t work. I’m saying it doesn’t matter which aspect of life, if there is no striving, you pay. I understand what you’re trying to ask but that’s a very simplistic process. I’m saying if you really sit with me, I didn’t mean if you sit on the grass out there, this will happen. I said, when you really sit with me. The very fact that you’re asking the question, obviously you’re not sitting with me, you’re sitting by yourself. Sitting with me is a different aspect. If you really sit with me, yes after that no striving. But you will not become lethargic, for sure. It will just become a natural process for you to be like that. There are many people here for whom getting up in the morning and doing morning 5:30 sadhana is not a striving. There are some who are struggling and striving. For others it’s just like that, like all the birds wake up in the morning, they also wake up and do what they have to do. They’re just here living, breathing, eating, and doing whatever they can. There is no striving, okay? That is only, when you don’t really want to go somewhere, you want to go but you want to go somewhere else also, then there is striving. When this is the only place you want to go, there is no striving. Simply you go, you know. There’s no struggle and striving in that. That’s why I said, it’s up to you. Whether you want to go to your destination joyfully or kicking and crying, it’s up to you. You can decide, but if you really sit with me, if you really sit with me means you got connected with me in some way energetically. Then you can’t go anywhere, you’ll only go in one direction. You do this, that, whatever you do, you do circus and go or you go without circus, it’s up to you. But that’s if you really sit with me, not if you sit with the grasshopper there.


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