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How to find and energize negative energy spaces in your house


Any number of people will find. If they’re feeling sick, particularly if they’re feeling psychologically, you know, kind of oppressed. You will see if they just walk out of that space, they will feel great. If they move to another place, they will almost become healthy. Many times. Many, many times for most people. Not everybody who is having psychological problems are pathologically ill. Most of them are victims of the situations in which they exist. Various type of situations. Energy situation is one of them. And an important one. Today you have built homes which are so large, it’s very difficult to make them alive just by living. If you just had a one room house, and you lived in great sense of love and joy, you can easily keep it very alive. But today your house has 10-15 enclosures, it’s very difficult for any human being to keep it alive. Once in a way if you do not enliven it, slowly if you enter certain parts of your home, you will see it feels like a coffin. I want all of you, today, you know your house well enough, where you need to open your eyes, you open. But just walk with your eyes closed, with your left hand outstretched a little bit and just walk, just feel and walk around the house. You will see many parts of your house will feel like a coffin. Some parts may be alive. Usually I find kitchens are alive. Because it’s the only place something is happening. Everywhere else. If you live in a very, very alive way, you can enliven something. But when you have 12, 15, 20 enclosures in your house, it’s very, very difficult for anybody to enliven all that. And another thing is, it’s recirculated air. Nobody opens a window or a door, it’s all the time same air being recirculated or very minimal amount of movement of aliveness. If you have a lot of plants around you, trees around you, and if you keep the windows open, they will take care of the poornan puja for you to quite some extent. They can. But most of the houses are shut off and recirculated air is going on all the time. People are not moving about joyfully. Either they’re staring at their computer screen, or they’re depressed, or they’re sleeping. Inertia of various levels. And various levels of stresses and tensions. It slowly builds up in the space and it can overwhelm a person.


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