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How to generate Ojas to become a glowing human being


If we use this neem and turmeric on an empty stomach, one aspect is, it has the power to transform one dimension of energy within you to another. In the sense, in the yogic culture, this must be understood with proper perspective. The doctors say that if you consume excessive neem, it will destroy the sperm cells. Which is good proof for what we have been saying for thousands of years. That is, see there are various kinds of cells. Today modern science is beginning to recognize how significantly different they are. What is on your skin, what is in your bone marrow, what is in your sperm, what is in your brain, these are different kinds of things. Almost like another life. Though there is a common thread of information in all of them, they’re very, very different. And what it takes for the body to generate an epithelial cell, and what it takes to generate a sperm or, what it takes to generate another cell, neurological cells, are very different level of energy involvement with the body. Well, a lot of people will question this, but they will arrive at it in under 25 or 50 years’ time. Yes, I’m telling you. So one dimension of human life is, see I want you to understand the miracle. Don’t think about the sexuality of it, just with a single cell. Two, all right? But just with one single cell, you can ignite a new life which sits here like this. Is it a small thing, I’m asking? Because people are too sexually messed up in their head, they’re not looking at the miracle of it. Just with one cell, just look at the way life has sprouted and what it’s become, isn’t it so? We populated the whole world. We need to do something on that, that’s a different matter. So the neem and turmeric together has the power to break down the sperm cells and make it into another level of energy, which is called as ojas. When every cell in your body slowly gets wrapped in ojas, if you’re doing sadhana and your transmission is good and even across the body, when every cell in the body is encapsulated in ojas. When I say ojas, what is it? Show it to me in my blood drawal, blood work. They said, no ojas. All right, in your blood work there’s no life also, I want you to know, there’s only chemistry. Nobody ever proved that you’re alive. Hello? You have to prove. So ojas will encapsulate every cell. Once every cell in the body is encapsulated in ojas, you will be a glowing human being in every aspect of that word. You will be a glowing human being within and without you will be like that.

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