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How to know how much to eat?


So what kind of food you put in, it’s not just about your culture. Cultures might have evolved according to the survival needs of that place. Cultures in different parts of the world have evolved according to what was available in the place and survival needs, how the economies were, what was happening, what was the main form of livelihood. Accordingly, cultures have evolved. Cultures are never perfect. Unfortunately, people get super identified with this and think their culture is perfect. No culture in the world is perfect because the mess that you do in this generation, is tomorrow’s culture. Hello? And you think you’re doing this mess very consciously. No. It’s just happening, isn’t it? Whatever rubbish you do today, next generation picks it up or rejects it and does the reverse of it, whatever. But, it is a consequence of this generation’s culture which breeds the next generation of culture. So culturally what you’re eating is not the point. What goes best into this system, what is this machine designed for, what kind of fuel? Knowing this is very important. So if you look at it this way, keeping the body in a certain level of balance and efficiency of digestive process, very important. How much food do you need to maintain the level of activity you wish to maintain in your life? We are talking about fuel efficiency for all our automobiles. You’ve seen the 1950s, 50s were a little better. 60s and 70s cars in United States. If you break down 10 cars, you could build a battleship. That’s how much metal they used to build a car. Well now they’re getting sleeker and this is why? One important aspect is that fuel efficiency. To travel a mile, how much are you consuming? Well we’re thinking ecological terms, think in terms of your health terms. That is, to process let us say, one unit of energy, how much food do you have to eat means, that much excessive load on the system. So if you don’t have your own sense, every day in the morning if you eat a little bit of neem and turmeric on an empty stomach and drink some maybe tepid water, it will bring that sense to you. Because body will respond to food in a certain way, it will tell you when it’s enough. You’re not able to figure it out yourself, every cell in the body will speak.

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