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How to live in the moment?


This is going on everywhere in the world. It’s a big fad in the west, particularly United States and of course it’s infected India a bit. Be in the moment. I’ll ask you a simple question, be somewhere else and show me. Hello? Can you be somewhere else? But that’s the reason why you have a mind. You can sit here and think about Mumbai. You can think about yesterday, you can think about tomorrow, you can think about what was 10 years ago, you can think about what is 10 years later. But you still live in the moment, isn’t it? So essentially, what is being said is, do not think about yesterday, do not think about tomorrow. Just be with what is here right now. See, it took millions of years of evolution to get this much cerebral capability that we can vividly remember every experience of our life. And we have a fabulous sense of imagination, that we can project and create a tomorrow in our mind and make efforts to manifest that. Now the reason why somebody’s telling you be in the moment is because for many people these two faculties of memory and imagination, which set us apart from every other creature on this planet, no other creature on this planet has as vivid a sense of memory and imagination as we have. It’s taken millions of years of evolution to get us here. But now, because people don’t know how to handle it, they’re saying get rid of it. Don’t remember yesterday, do not think about tomorrow, just be with what is here right now. In a way, we’re talking about how to become an earthworm once again. Is it important to learn how we can put this memory and imagination to the highest possible usage? Or is it best to erase it so that you can simply be here with little peace, maybe peaceful? It’s very easy to do this. If we take away half your brain, you will be very peaceful and always in the now. Yes? Is that what we are seeking is the question.

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