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How to lose weight?


A very stable and effervescent physiological condition is very, very important to have a certain level of psychological freedom. Otherwise, every little thing you do, you have to think. Once you think, inevitably you’re confused about every damn thing that you do. This is, this is kind of a compensatory activity. That, you know, you will see this in the cinema theatres and everything. If you have nothing to do. Never before, in the history of humanity, was food simply available like this all the time. It’s a wrong thing. That everywhere you walk, there is food. It should not be. In the world today, 30% of the population is malnourished. And around the same percentage of people are obese. Overweight. See you can fix it. The world’s problems of malnourishment, you can fix it. So, these practices there in the Isha Yoga Center, whenever calls comes up. Isha Vidya, you know, educating rural children, raising funds for it became a problem. Then, many people in the Yoga Center took this up, on Wednesday evenings, I won’t have dinner and let that money go to the children. I think you must find 7 causes like this. I can give you 7. Monday for Rally for Rivers. Tuesday for Cauvery Calling. Wednesday for Isha Vidya. Thursday is called Guruvaar, this is for your Sadhguru. Friday for Devi, because that’s her day. Saturday, you have your dinner, I’m reducing one day. Sunday, for Dhyanalinga. Like this, you find 7, or at least 6 causes. Where 6 dinners you give away, morning you eat. Alright? 10 O’clock in the morning you eat well, and again eat 10 O’clock tomorrow morning. And also, because you need to keep social distancing, drive out of the town and walk back. Get into a bus, take a, buy a ticket for 10kms away, and just walk back. Best you go without your phone and your wallet. So that you have to walk back. Do something, come on.

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