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How to minimize the negative impact of living in a city?


Wherever you may be, whether you’re in Mumbai or New York or London, wherever. Just look at the situation in which you’re working. Maybe socially you’ve got used to those things. But look at the kind of atmosphere you’re working in, the number of things that are happening. None of them are conducive for this life. You might have gotten adjusted to it. Maybe now you can’t live out of those cities, that’s another matter. But, the life that you are is not seeking that kind of atmosphere. So the number of variations that are happening within you, are not in your favour. Glandular disfunction is just one manifestation. A very highly calibrated function. Another dimension is, what’s the disturbance that’s happening within you? Your own psychological patterns. Another dimension of disturbance is, what kind of food is getting into you? There is no way you can eat anything today, which is not chemically infested. You’re eating very organic food, little organic chemicals they’re using. It’s come to that place. It’s very difficult to eat something that’s just grown in the wild forest, you can pluck out something and eat. That’s very, very little. Not even a small percentage of people are capable of eating that anymore. It’s all from the market place. Well, you can’t leave your city and go and live in the jungle. You can’t leave the atmospheres and go away. At least you must equip yourself so that those things don’t have too much impact on you. It’ll anyway have impact, but how much is the question. How much impact? At least within your home, surround yourself with some plants. If there is no space, fill your room. This is going to have some freaky bedrooms. Open up half the roof. Oh but there’s another floor above, Sadhguru. Okay, open up the damn walls so that some sunlight comes into you. Yes? Not everything is closed and just one air conditioner is going brrr all the time. This is one thing, the reverberations around you are freaking this body completely. All the time. Particularly when I’m outside the country, particularly in United States. Even in Europe it’s a little better. In United States, all the time something is buzzing. Endlessly. When I come here, it’s like. Just. Which makes you alive. Everything is buzzing, you’re like. Most people are not conscious of it but it’s happening to them. The very fact that they’re sleeping 8 hours a day is just that. So if this has to happen, you can, I know you may look freaky, even I will think you’re freaky. But you can bring some plant-life into the place where you sleep. When you walk, you must always be conscious of the life other than human life. Most people are not even conscious of human beings, so I’m reminding you. You must be conscious of everything that is alive. A tree, a plant, a blade of grass, a grasshopper hopping. And the people that you don’t like are passing by.


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