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How to move energies within your system to achieve high performance


Neem and turmeric together creates a certain access to the cellular level, that when you generate energy, how is it distributed? Well, people have been asking me to talk, speak about internal combustion engine. So how distribution of energy happens, which in an automobile is called transmission, determines how efficient a vehicle is and how much fuel it consumes to generate the same amount of power. Power in the engine is one thing, power at the wheels is another thing. Completely different. Today the top racing machines in the world are just 2.7 liter, that’s a captive set for the formula ones. But they’re the fastest machines because power of the engine and power of the wheel, the loss very, very minimal. Well, we have pickup trucks here, which generate 700 bhp at the engine. But, what goes to the wheel is another matter. So there is something called as transmission. So what you generate in your stomach, where all does it go to, what extent does it go, is a very important aspect which in today’s world people are simply not conscious of. If you want to facilitate this, well there are yogic practices. But even to assist that, this neem and turmeric can be a tremendous process. Because it facilitates that, that your transmission of energy is evenly across. And once you start noticing this, then by choice you can move your energies where you want. When I say you can move your energies where you want, right now, if I say this, people will start imagining all kinds of things. So let me limit that, but anyway. Right now, I want to speak. If I have my energies focused in my throat consciously, it may happen to a whole lot of singers and others just, you know, by natural inclinations. But if you’re consciously there, you will see your speech will have a different kind of impact. If you look at something, if you move your energies to your eyes, not that everything, the dominance is in that place, then you will see your look has a power which, everybody has eyes maybe they’re 20/20. So you may your vision may be normal, but doesn’t have the same power, will not grasp the same things, will not penetrate the same way. Like this, there are various aspects. You want to do something with your hands, if you can have your energies focused in your hands, your touch will be another level of touch altogether. So if this has to happen, first and foremost thing is the transmission of energy in the system is smoked. Neem and turmeric as a combination on an empty stomach does wonders in this direction. Wonders.


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